Proving to be a bright ray of sunshine

Note from the CEO

This holiday season, we have many things to be thankful for. We’re launching a new membership program at the first of the year. In the near future, I encourage everyone to sign up and become a member of this program.

You will be able to sign up and create your own account and passwor, and tell us how we can improve our service, making it easer for everyone to get involved in the new program. Everything from volunteering in golf tournaments to fun runs, etc. You’ll be the first to know about new Laughs for the Troops events, and we’re working on new partners and discount programs, downloadable coupons and promotional codes.

Be sure to check out next month’s interview with Mr. Robert MacKay of Mac Tutor Inc. Robert and his team are helping us develop the new software that will make it possible to grow our organization. Stay tuned for the exciting news and details.
In this month’s newsletter, we’re honoring our first recipient of our Humanitarian Award, Mr. Steve Howard. Steve and I met in Europe five years ago. He was on a cruise with his family and some of Patterson Companies employees. We spoke about living in central Florida, and found out we live 20 minutes from one another.

He also asked about Laughs for the Troops. I shared with Steve our mission and how we wanted to raise awareness of post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. Without knowing much about our organization, he offered to be the title sponsor for our inaugural golf tournament for soldiers with PTSD.

I don’t believe in luck or chance, I believe the right people are put in your path at the right time. Steve has been an ambassador for Laughs for the Troops behind the scenes. He has always shown concern for how things are going with our organization and the soldiers.

I am truly thankful to call Mr. Steve Howard my friend.

Last but not least, this note would not be complete without me thanking the very valuable members of the Laughs for the Troops team. Last month, I reached out to our board members and friends of the board. I was concerned about a conversation I had with a young man who served in the Gulf War and was living with PTSD. I knew he was searching for answers. I explained that, in no way, am I qualified to give any answers about PTSD.

But our board members are some tremendously qualified talented people who had answers to my questions. I could not have been more proud to be a part of such an extraordinary group of gentlemen. When I reached out to everyone, I received a rapid response from the team, who all shared solid advice.

I want to thank Major General George W. Weightman, Major General Elder Granger, Dr. Peter M. Killcommons, Jay Richard Jones, Guy Strader, Lawrence M. Miller, Michael Fisher and Kevin Kennedy. None of these men do this for recognition, they want to make a difference for our servicemen living with PTSD.

It’s an honor to be affiliated with these men. For this, I’m thankful.

Thomas C. Brown
President and CEO of Laughs for the Troops