Best of the Best Moments

Throughout our military history some of the most famous faces have served in the United States Armed Forces, and we are honored to celebrate those inspirational individuals. There are entertainers— so famous they are household names. Yet people rarely realize they have served in the military. Morgan Freeman, Jimmy Stewart and Jimi Hendrix are all examples of such heroes. Additionally, there are many businesses continuously helping our soldiers and veterans that go without the recognition they deserve.

Best of the Best Moments honors America’s best; the best of the armed forces, the best businesses, and the best individuals. We have chosen to recognize America’s ‘best’ by creating a collection of short videos highlighting some of these amazing people – entertainers and companies who are helping out today’s heroes. Through short, 3-5 minute video clips, each are presented by many of the today’s best comedians.

This video compilation intends to inspire, recognize, and thank people who are getting involved. If you know a business that needs recognition, get in touch with us today.

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